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We have been able to lift all COVID precautions so patients are no longer required to wear face coverings when attending the Practice. (Any individual who would prefer to wear a mask can of course do so.) All our staff will wear normal PPE, including masks, in clinical areas as we always have done.

When you book an appointment we will email you an information pack so that you will know what to expect when you come to see us, and we will also email you a link to our Patient Portal which is where you can fill in and sign any forms that we require such as medical histories - in a paperless way that is more efficient as well as helping the environment.

It is probably easiest to use a smartphone or tablet to complete these forms but you can also use a laptop or PC. Where you have to sign a form, depending on the device you are using, just draw your signature as best you can using your finger or the mouse. Do not worry if it does not look perfect!

Once you have completed and signed each form it automatically becomes available on our system - you do not have to send or print anything. If you run into any problems using Patient Portal please just call our Reception on 0117 962 0534 for help.

Many thanks.

From All the Team

Updated 18th February 2023